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Save Money, Space and Never Run out of Hot Water Again, by Replacing your old Residential Water Heater, and Buying a New, Small and Energy Efficient On Demand Tankless Water Heating System. We offer the Best Instant and Endless Forever Hot Tankless Inline On Demand Water Heaters, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices, as well as Provide Excellent Customer Service and Information.

Traditional Residential Water Heaters vs. Tankless Inline Systems:
There are so many reasons throughout the day when we need and use hot water. Whether taking a nice hot shower, washing dishes, doing the laundry, washing your hands or something else we want our hot water hot instant, endless and on demand. However, if you own a traditional residential hot water heater, even one of the best and most highly rated systems, you may be shocked at how much energy and money it wastes, even when you are not using it!  In order for traditional residential water heaters to have instant hot water on demand requires continuous heating and energy use, heating and keeping the water in the tank hot. This is called, “Stand by Losses”. On average, 25% of home’s energy bill is spent on “stand by losses”, keeping the traditional water heater’s tank full of hot water!  However, buying a new small inline tankless on-demand instant and endless forever hot water heater you will completely eliminate stand by losses. This is because small energy efficient tankless inline water heaters, only heat the water you are using on demand. Heating the water on-demand will save you tons of money, up to 60% in energy savings every month. The energy savings provided by small eco-friendly on demand instant and endless forever hot inline tankless water heaters will save you money and provide a cheap and simple way to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Traditional residential water heater systems, even the best ones, are not only expensive and not energy efficient, but they are also big, bulky and do not provide instant and endless hot water. After the hot water in the tank is used, the tank has to refill and re-heat the water before you have hot water again. This takes time, a tremendous amount of energy and is not cheap. Plus, we all know what it is like being last in the shower. Or trying to take a shower after a large load of laundry… no hot water! The larger the residential water heater’s tank is the more hot water you do have, but the more energy it consumes and the more expensive it is to keep all that water hot.  The bigger that tank the longer it takes and more energy it wastes when it needs to be refilled and the water re-heated as well. And the more room it takes up. New tankless inline instant and endless forever hot water heaters are very small. Even the best and most powerful tankless on demand water heaters and can be mounted against a wall and barely use any space at all. Tankless energy efficient water heaters, heat water on demand as you are using it, so unlike traditional water heaters, you never have to worry about running out of hot water.
How do Tankless Water Heaters Work and How much Energy will they Save?

Small tankless instant and endless hot water heaters feature an ingenious inline design that’s energy efficiency, second to none.  Unlike traditional residential water heater that have to continuously heat a large tank of water, new top rated energy efficient forever hot tankless water waters, heat water cheaply and efficiently on demand. As hot water is used, it passes through the tankless inline system and is heated by the unit’s powerful coils. As long as you have power and buy a small energy efficient tankless water heater you will always have instant and endless forever hot water on demand. This ingenious inline design is also why the best tankless residential hot water heaters are so small and completely eliminate stand by losses, saving people up to 60% each month in energy savings! The overall savings depends on the type of tankless water heater you buy and replace your old system with.  Some home owners install one tankless on demand inline water heater for the whole house.  While other homeowners require multiple, energy efficient tankless water heaters grouped together.  For others it may be best and most energy efficient to mount small tankless inline water heating systems at each point of use in their home. However, no matter which system or single unit is best for you and your budget making the switch to a new tankless water heater will be much more energy efficient, never run out of hot water and save you money over out dated water heating systems.   
Install, Maintenance and Pricing: 
Traditional vs. Inline Tankless Water Heating Systems

Traditional water heaters are big and require a professional to maintain and install, which is expensive. The best tankless water heaters are small, easy to install and easy to maintain. Water temperature is also easy set and can be done by pretty much anyone. Residential tankless instant and endless forever hot water heaters, even the best and most energy efficient inline on demand water heating systems are really pretty cheap. After replacing your old system new energy efficient tankless water heaters will pay for themselves and start putting money back in your pocket after a few months of energy savings. However, their sales prices are also cheap. Believe it or not, buying new traditional hot water heaters, even at a cheap sales price, are much more expensive than small top rated energy efficient tankless inline systems. This is because of the amount of material and cost to manufacture traditional water heaters. The best tankless instant and endless forever hot on demand water heaters are small and relatively cheap to manufacture. So not only are small tankless water heaters going to save you up to 60% each month in energy savings and never run out of hot water, but they are also easier to install and cheaper to buy than traditional residential water heating systems.
Is an On-Demand Forever Hot Tankless Water Heater Best for You?

Occasionally, people question whether a new technology like this will work for them.  Our answer is of course, yes! The rest of the world, including Europe and Asia, have been using small, eco friendly and energy efficient tankless inline water heaters exclusively for decades. Tankless on-demand instant and endless hot water heaters are now starting to catch on here in the States and in another 10 years or so will be the norm, just like they are in the rest of the world, as there are really no benefits at all to buying or owning a traditional water heater. No matter where you live, the size of your home or your hot water consumption needs there is a small tankless water heater or on-demand forever hot inline water heating system that is perfect for you.
New top rated energy efficient tankless water heaters will save you money and space, prevent you from ever running out of hot water and make your home more eco-friendly. Whether your old water needs to be replaced or you are just sick of wasting money and running out of hot water, buying a small tankless inline instant and endless forever hot on demand water heating system, at cheap discount online sales prices, is the best choice and makes the most sense.  Our experience through the years shows us that once people buy a space saving tankless water heater and replace their old system they consider it a smart, money and energy-saving decision. We hear this all the time:  “We love our tankless water heater.” To date, we have never heard anyone say they love their old tank water heater.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters:
  • Instant and Endless Forever Hot Water
  • Never Run out of Hot Water    
  • Small, Saves Space and Gets Rid of that Ugly Tank
  • Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly
  • Eliminate “Stand by Losses” Saving up to 60% on Water Heating Costs
  • Cheaper than Traditional Residential Water Heaters
  • Easy to Install and Cheap to Maintain

However, it is important to make sure to buy the right size and best type of instant and endless forever hot tankless water heater or inline on demand water heating system for your home. Make sure to do the research and review the tankless on demand water heater’s specs before you buy.

Why Buy your Tankless Water Heater or On-Demand Water Heating System from Us?

Here, at Titan Tankless Heater, we offer a great selection of the best and most energy efficient small tankless on demand instant and endless forever hot water heaters, from top rated brands, at everyday cheap discount online sales prices, with Free Shipping on all orders over $199.99. Besides providing a great selection of the best tankless inline residential water heating systems, at the cheapest possible discount online sales prices, I also provide detailed product and sizing information to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best instant and endless forever on demand hot water heater, or tankless system, for your home and budget. We also pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible before and after the sale. If you have any questions or are new to this it is best to give us a call or send us an email before you buy and one of our tankless inline hot water heating professionals will be happy to help. Need help with install or maintenance? We got you covered and provide an excellent repair / replacement program. Our goal is to become your one stop shop for all of your tankless water heating needs.

Being an online based tankless water heaters store, we do not have the overhead of traditional appliance stores. These savings are passed directly to you, allowing us to offer the best and most energy efficient small instant and endless forever hot on demand tankless inline water heaters, from top rated brands, at everyday cheap discount online sales prices, with fast affordable shipping and Free Shipping in the continental US on all orders over $199.99. We look forward to serving your tankless water heater needs and providing you with the information, cheap online sales prices and great selection of the best, top rated, space, money and energy saving eco friendly on demand inline water heating systems you need to replace your old system, start saving up to 60% each month and never worry about running out of hot water again!

Call us today at 877-229-1191 or send an email to Bob@TitanTanklessHeater.com

Customer Testimonial

"Bob, Feel free to use any comments and pictures on your website if you'd like. Here's the reason I was turned on to tankless. We recently sold a house and had the pleasure of paying double the bills while we were waiting to sell the old one. My first month's power bill at the old house was $85. We hadn't even been living there. I rushed down there and turned off the water heater. The next month the bill was $12. That got me thinking, so I decided to buy the Titan N120's from you. Here's the picture of my parallel setup and the old water heater. The laundry room that they are in is so small I couldn't get back far enough to get everything in the picture, so the old water heater pic isn't that good. The Titans were placed on the wall opposite the old water heater. I think they turned out really nice. . . Jim S."
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