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Save Money & Space While Getting Instant Endless Hot Water with a New Top Rated Small Energy Efficient On Demand Tankless Water Heater. We offer the Best Residential Tankless Electric Hot Water Heaters for any Size Home at Discount Prices.

There are so many reasons throughout the day when we need and use hot water. Whether taking a nice hot shower, washing dishes, doing the laundry, washing your hands or something else, we want our hot water immediately. However, if you have a traditional residential hot water heater, you may be shocked at how much energy and electricity your water heater uses just to keep the water in the tank hot. In order to have the water constantly hot requires heating and energy use. On average, 25% of home’s electric/energy bill is spent keeping the traditional water heater’s tank full of hot water.  
This is not only expensive, but is also very wasteful and not eco friendly. Coal-burning power plants are our number one source of electricity in this country.  And, it is also the main contributor to the greenhouse gasses associated with global warming. Whether you believe in global warming or not, all scientists agree that the burning of coal is an efficient means of creating electricity. But it is also one of the most harmful things we can do to our environment. Reducing the amount of energy you use in producing the hot water you need will not only save money in monthly energy savings but also reduce the amount of electricity you use. Of course, lowering admissions and making you more eco smart will make you earth friendly and lessen your carbon footprint.
Not only that but traditional hot water heaters only have so much hot water. Once the tank is empty it has to refill and reheat the water. That is why it is funny to me when people refer to them as on demand water heaters. We all know what it is like being last in the shower, or into a shower after a large load of laundry. Even if you have a large hot water heater tank, you still don’t want to be last in the shower and because it’s large and has more water it uses more energy, is more expensive and when it does empty takes that much longer to refill and reheat. They also take up a ton of room that could be used for many other things.
These are all the reasons tankless on demand water heaters are becoming so popular. Compact tankless water heaters are more efficient, eco friendly and energy efficient than traditional hot water heaters. This is because electric tankless water heaters only heat the water you are using. In addition, there is not a tank full of water constantly being heated, wasting energy and money. Smart, eco friendly tank less water heaters are an ingenious design that’s energy efficiency, second to none.  The water is heated only as it is being used as it passes through these small electric-powered heaters.

The electric instant or on demand water heater works in a pretty common sense manner.  When you turn-on an application requesting hot water from an on demand hot water system, water will flow through the heating elements in the tankless heater and will heat to the desired temperature.  The hot water will then leave the heater and flow wherever you need it.  Tankless heaters don’t waste energy keeping a large tank with hot water to a certain temperature when you may not even need it.  The overall savings will depend on the type of system you install.  Some home owners install one tankless system for the whole house.  While other homeowners require multiple systems grouped together.  And, still others mount systems at each point in their home requiring hot water.

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Save Up To 60% on Water Heating Costs

Take Endless Showers. . .

Sizing a new electric tankless water heater system is very important.  A simple instant or on demand system offers endless hot water that can be mounted where the old tank water heater is currently located or high, up top, near the ceiling to offer space saving room for other items.  Occasionally, people question whether a new technology like this will work for them.  Our answer is of course, "Yes, the rest of the world has used these small, eco friendly heaters for decades."   Although available here in the United States for for 27 years, many folks have never heard of electric tankless water heaters or the money and the energy efficient features.
Our experience through the years shows us that once people purchase a space saving tankless water heater for their home, they consider it a smart, money and energy-saving decision. We hear this all the time:  “We love our tankless water heater.” To date, we have never heard anyone say they love their old tank water heater.  So, if you are looking for smart ways to save energy and money, then consider asking the pros at All Pro Tankless, Inc about these compact tankless water heater systems.  Call them at 877-229-1191 or best yet, bookmark this store at http;//www.titantanklessheater.com.  The folks at All Pro Tankless can help you pick a top rated residential tankless heater that offers outstanding performance at a very reasonable price.  Sizing a system is our specialty for any home or business.  And, if you are new at this or simply need help then it is really BEST to call us before you buy.  Looking for a “cheap” heater or sizing it by cost alone instead of kilowatts of energy needed will certainly increase the chance your new system will fail to make enough hot water. 
Enjoy browsing through our site for easy ideas and guidance in sizing and using an electric tankless hot water heater system.  Go Green & Go Tankless for all your hot-water needs.  You Are Going To Be In A Lot of Hot Water!
"Bob, Feel free to use any comments and pictures on your website if you'd like. Here's the reason I was turned on to tankless. We recently sold a house and had the pleasure of paying double the bills while we were waiting to sell the old one. My first month's power bill at the old house was $85. We hadn't even been living there. I rushed down there and turned off the water heater. The next month the bill was $12. That got me thinking, so I decided to buy the Titan N120's from you. Here's the picture of my parallel setup and the old water heater. The laundry room that they are in is so small I couldn't get back far enough to get everything in the picture, so the old water heater pic isn't that good. The Titans were placed on the wall opposite the old water heater. I think they turned out really nice. . . Jim S."
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