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N-270 SCR4 Titan Tankless Heater

N-270 SCR4 Titan Tankless Heater
NEW Digital N-270 SCR4 Units for colder areas or a higher flow rate in gallons per minute.  Uses 1/2" Standard Pipe.Titan SCR4 Tankless Heater....3 ModelsTitan Installation Diagram and Suggestions for SCR4 Model InstallationThis map is an indicator of surface temperature from temperature samples drawn from water wells throughout the United States.
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The NEW Digital Titan Tankless SCR4 N-270 tankless hot water heater uses 112 Amps at a Max at 27 kilowatts for use in colder areas or homes with larger hot water flow requirements.  Unit uses a 1/2" Inlet and Outlet for excellent water flow rates. Flow rate of 5 gallons per minute possible.  Use heat rise charts to help determine use. The size of Titan needed by your home is dependent on the water flow required, incoming water temperature, how much hot water needed and is limited by the size of your service panel in total amps. This unit requires two, 2 Pole 60 Amp breakers and consult an electrician for wire type and gauge...keep to code.  Do not pick a tankless heater simply because it says "Whole House Tankless" in its description.  You must be able to calculate using Winter time water temperature and the applications the tankless is being used for in your home.  Call us at 1-877-229-1191 for help in sizing.

Up to Whole House...check "Sizing" above...27kW @ 240 Volts at 112 Amps Uses 2, two pole 60 amp breakers.  Consult with an electrician for proper electrical installation.  We always suggest using licensed professionals for a tankless installation.
Dimensions 11.5" X 10.5" X 3"
Weight 13 pounds
Materials Brass and Copper Interior / Stainless Steel / Metal Case
Pipe Fitting 1/2" Standard Pipe
Pressure Requirements 5 PSI-min / 150 PSI-Max
Voltage 240 VAC Std. (208/277 Available)
Elements Dual Nichrome Elements
Energy Efficiency Up to 99.5%
Activation 0.4 GPM-on / 0.3 GPM-off
Indicators Red-In Operation / Green Stand-by
Warranty 10 years on casing
Protection Microtemp Thermistor / Manual Resetable Thermostat
Breaker Two, Double Pole 60 Amp
Wire AWG, Consult and Electrician and Follow Code
Tested Met Laboratories
Case Stainless Steel Panel
NSF/ANSI-372 Compliant ETL Laboratories
Features Benefits
Save Electricity & Money Save up to 50% over the cost of heating with an electric tank water heater
Endless suppy of hot water Using a Titan gives you endless amounts of hot water.
Space Age Technology Uses dedicated microprocessor that samples temperatures 21 times per second
Mineral Deposits Ideal in applications when mineral deposits shorten the life of a conventional heater
Energy Efficiency Up to 99.5%
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Business Verified
Certified by Trust Guard
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