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Titan, American Heat, IHeat and Rheem,Tankless Heater Repair

We Repair, or Swap your broken Titan, IHeat, American Heat or Rheem Water Heater for a (similar model) Refurbished or Deeply Discounted New Tankless Heater. If you have a Titan, IHeat, American Heat or Rheem Tankless Heater that does not heat water properly then call us for tech support 877-229-1191 or send your Tankless Heater back to us for repair. Your Titan, American Heat, IHeat or Rheem tankless water heater will be inspected, repaired and returned with a One Year Electrical Warranty and the remaining Ten Year Warranty on the Titan and Rheem Casings just like a new Tankless Heater.  

Or...(We do this about one to three dozen times per week):  Another alternative is a Swap-Out or Exchange your broken tankless for a Refurbished Tankless that is priced at about one-half the price of a new machine.  Or, get a DEEPLY Discounted price on a brand new Tankless Heater with exchange.  (By choosing a Refurbished tankless, you will have hot water faster without the wait for your tankless unit to be shipped to us for repairs,repair time and the days to ship back to you).  This will be greatly appreciated by the wife and kids!  Call us for this service:  877-229-1191.

1.  Print this page and then fill in the information we need. 
2.  There is a flat charge plus shipping back to you. 
3.  All units returned are with a One Year Electrical Warranty, just lika a brand new Titan.
4.  Questions?  Call us 877-229-1191

Print, Fill Out and Send with your tankless heater  Click Here



City:_________________________State:__________Zip Code:___________

Home Phone:______________________Cell Phone:_____________________

Email Address:__________________________________________________

Tankless Heater Model:____________________________________________

Date of Manufacture (bottom label date):______________________________

Please pack your broken tankless well to avoid damage.  Ship UPS, FEDEX or USPS and keep your tracking number.  We suggest using a little shipping insurance to cover any possible carrier loss.  We will turn your tankless heater around, repaired with a New Warranty and ship back to you ASAP.  Leave your contact information so we can call when repairs are complete. Repair charges are done on a Flat Rate Fee.  Note that in some instances, repairs are impossible and your tankless heater is simply replaced by our technicians at the same Flat Rate Fee.  All units are returned with a One Year Warranty on the electrical (Just like a new machine) and the remaining time left on the Casing Warranty against leaks. Call us for details at 877-229-1191 or Print this Page and send with your tankless.

Send to:
Titan Tankless Heater
attn:  Repair
4012 E. Shore Road
Miramar, Florida  33023

Our phone:  877-229-1191  Please Insure and Pack Good!
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