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Electric Shower Head 2.5kWElectric Shower Head 2.5kW
Electric Shower Head 5kWElectric Shower Head 5kW
Magnum Pro Plus S-4Magnum Pro Plus S-4
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N-42 SCR2 Titan Tankless HeaterN-42 SCR2 Titan Tankless HeaterCheck "Sizing" Limited Use 3.2kW @ 220 Volts at 19 Amps Uses 25 Amp breakers

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N-64 SCR2 Tankless Water HeaterN-64 SCR2 Tankless Water HeaterCheck "Sizing" above...6.5kW @ 220 Volts at 29 Amps Uses a two pole breakers
Point of Use A-10 (120 Volt)Point of Use A-10 (120 Volt)
Point of Use A-35 (120 Volt)Point of Use A-35 (120 Volt)
Point of Use A-67 (240 Volt)Point of Use A-67 (240 Volt)
There are many needs to have instant hot water. If you have a building away from the home that you cannot get the hot water supply to, have sink or shower in the back of the home that takes too long to get hot water to this can be frustrating. However, outfitting that outbuilding or room with its own traditional water heater is expensive, too large to fit under the sink and takes up a ton of space. This is why a mini under the sink or small point of use electric water heater is the best choice.

The best electric point of use mini tankless water heaters provide instant hot water to that sink or shower, are tankless so they are small and hardly take up any room or it can fit directly under the sink. They are extremely simple to install provide instant hot water on demand and never run out. Small Tankless under the sink point of use hot water heaters are also much less expensive than traditional water heaters both upfront as well as after installation. Unlike traditional water heaters mini tankless hot water heaters heat the water electrically as it is being used. This not only provides an endless stream of instant hot water, but also conserves a tremendous amount of energy and money. Electric point of use hot water heaters only heats the water as you use it.

Here we offer the best selection of mini point of use tankless water heaters at the best prices possible. All of our under the sink point of use small electric water heaters are top rated tankless water heaters from the best name brand manufactures. Being an online based tankless water heater store we do not have the overhead and other expensive operating costs of traditional businesses. These savings are passed directly to you allowing us to offer the best under the sink and point of use mini electric tankless water heaters that provide endless instant hot water at the best prices possible. If you have any questions about any of our small under the sink tankless water heaters please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you and help you find the best point of use electric hot water heater for your needs.

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